This week’s post is an interesting one. Only few Papua New Guineans have tried this way of making money. It’s about making money as a writer.

Here comes the million dollar question: Can you make money as a freelance writer? The answer is of course.

Your second question maybe;

How do you know? Well for us, our very own Ian Hetri is a veteran freelance writer with a Californian based site called Hubpages. Ian has been writing and money on Hubpages for almost three years.

He has also contributed to newspapers and magazines as a paid contributor.

There are two approaches you can take;

  1. Be an online freelance writer
  2. Sign up and be contracted writer in local magazines and newspapers

Write Online

There thousands of sites that call for freelance writers to contribute their articles and get paid. Most of these sites normally pay according to the amount of traffic you generate on your articles. Sites like Hubpages and Squido allow you to join and post your articles for free. This way, you can make a passive income monthly. You can also sell your articles directly to website owners and bloggers who need content for their sites.

The only thing that you need to master is on how to find clients and marketplace where you can use your skills to earn cash. So, try reaching people, searching marketplaces, network with fellow writers and read a lot for more information. Study SEO too so you will understand how relevant is the content for search engines like Google. Analyze how things are connected to each other and why money is involved. This way, your idea about making money online will become wide.

Write offline

In the local offline market, there are small newspapers like Sunday Chronicle and Pacific Business Review as well as magazines like Stella and New Age Woman who you can approach if you have the type of article they publish. The whole idea is to produce articles that are relevant to their readers.

Why should you write?

Because it dtips-for-writers1oesn’t take a lot of effort. You can easily be making some good bucks without breaking a single sweat and that is so cool.

At first, many people tend to doubt to things that answer on how to make money writing. But if you have the right information from trusted people, then you don’t have to worry about. Keep educating yourself by tracing successful people who are making good money from writing. Then do the action and repeat the whole process. If you fail, don’t stop until you get there.

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