Ian Hetri

Ian Hetri

Aloha (greetings) and it’s good to be back home after a long stay in Hawaii. As my second book Grow Wealth Retire Wealthy approaches publication, I am running paid tutorials particularly on Stock Market.

Online for those outside Port Moresby and one-on-one for those in Port Moresby. That is so nobody misses out on this opportunity.

My tutorial now covers “9 KEY STEPS TO INVESTING IN STOCK MARKET”. The 9 nine steps will take you from no one to someone who knows and confidently invests in shares here and abroad.

But first always remember famous risk by my mentor and stock market guru and billionaire Warren Buffet;

“Risk is not knowing what you are doing”

Remember! The training is not about me and how much I know. It is about you and how much you want to know. And if you are so desperate for knowledge, you will be surprised how much you can learn by yourself in very short time. If you want to LEARN, have lots of FUN and make some serious MONEY, pay your non-refundable training fee of K50 to my account below and send me scanned receipt here. I’ll kick off you training as soon as I receive your payment.

Email me on hetriian@gmail.com to register for your session.

Those who previously did my email training are invited to catch up with me in person (Pom) to discuss their progress with me.

At your service