Taiwan seeks to help build our SME sector

Taiwan has the potential to help and reinforce the progress of Papua New Guinea’s economic transformation toward full economic independence, Taiwan trade mission representative Daniel Hu says.

Over the recent years, Taiwan Trade Mission in Papua New Guinea has brought scores of successful Taiwan entrepreneurs to PNG for them to share their experiences with PNG entrepreneurs.

In a response to a question raised by PNG Loop, Mr Hu says Taiwan is committed to helping PNG government build a successful SME sector.

According to Mr Hu, Taiwan has more than 1.2 million SMEs, accounting for 97.7% of all enterprises in the country.

Mr Hu says: “SMEs are the pillar of Taiwan’s economy … SMEs in Taiwan employed eight million people, making up 78% of the island’s overall employment.”

“Taiwan can be of help as PNG moves on the path of national development, aiming to transform the country from subsistence farming into specialised and commercialised farming, from a basic local economy into a newly-industrialised economy.”

Mr Hu adds  “I just ‘bring Taiwan to PNG’ with a distinct objective to make it more convenient for PNG’s indigenous businessmen and local SME to select, experience and choose the products, technologies and partners from Taiwanese manufacturers under one roof in Port Moresby and Lae … thereby, saving them the cost without burdening them to travel to Taiwan.”


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