This is another important question we often get. When we started initially, we also asked that same question so its OK. You are not alone if you are asking that same question. As a matter of fact, this question led us to commit time to study and understand how Papua New Guinea’s exchange called Port Moresby Stock Exchange (POMSoX) works.

What we have discovered is interesting as it is exciting. Oh and can you believe this? It is simple. Yes it’s simple. More simple to understand. Problem is you have been lead to believe that investing is something only the already rich and those with super-duper financial IQ play it.

Seriously speaking, that’s a great lie you have come accept, believe and made it your gospel that we are damn sure you spread to others as well.

After completing this post, you will realize what we mean when we say it’s simple how a stock exchange operates. It’s really those crazy, highly fancied technical jargons of stock market that really scares potential investors away before they even give a serious thought about investing in shares.

Our stock exchange as we mentioned earlier is call Port Moresby Stock Exchange and as the name says is based in down town Port Moresby. There office is located the corner of Champion Parade and Hunter Street and in Level 4, Defense House. Use this description to locate them next time you are in town.

If you are away from Port Moresby, you can get them on phone number (675) 320 1980 or checkout their website on or better still email them on

So who does Port Moresby Stock Exchange work?

Port Moresby Stock Exchange is a market place. Like Lae main market. What do people do in Lae market or Gordons or Kokopo market? People go to buy and sell right? Lae main market has a building under which buyer and sellers go to buy and sell. Same to Gordons or Kokopo or any other big markets around the country. In those markets, buyers and sellers have to be physically present to either buy or sell.

Now in Port Moresby Stock Exchange, people (investors) be it companies or individuals buy or sell shares. Read our post What Are Sharesif you are new to share investing.

Unlike the fresh produce markets like Lae, Gordons and Kokopo as used in the examples earlier, in Port Moresby Stock Exchange, buyers and sellers of shares don’t have to be present physically to buy and sell their shares.

Instead, the shares are bought or sold only through two stock brokers namely BSP Capital and Kina Securities. You cannot buy and sell shares at Port Moresby Stock Exchange by yourself.

Port Moresby Stock Exchange opens during fixed hours each business day from 10 am to 4 pm where broker buy and sell shares on behalf of their clients (investors).

Therefore, in order to buy and sell shares at Port Moresby Stock Exchange, what you need to do is to open a brokerage account with either BSP capital or Kina Securities.

These stockbrokers will charge you some fees every time you buy or sell. That is how they make money. How much you buy is really up to you. All we can say is start small and gradually build up. Don’t wait for the big BANG to come so you can have enough money to invest. The big BANG for many never comes.

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