The fastbusiness Financial Success (FFS) series is fastbusiness blog’s series of blog post written for average Papua New Guineans who are trying to identify the best way to grow their wealth and retire comfortably.
Over the centuries money has been accused of many things. It has been called the root of evil, the cause of unhappiness, the answer to everyone’s prayer, being the next most important thing to oxygen, a measure of success and the list goes on.

Truth be told, money only does one thing. It does not solve problems. It does not cause either happiness or unhappiness. Money only gives you more choices in life. The more money one has, the more choices he or she has.
This series of blog posts are about money. How to have more of it, how to manage it and how to make it work for you.

Papua New Guinea is richly blessed country, yet majority of the population are poor with no sustainable form of income or if they do (employed) lead a paycheck to paycheck life with little or no savings at all.

Because of the current economic boom, we are seeing a growing middle class who are well paid, have reasonable accommodation, have over their means expenses and have some savings and may wish to invest for future.

Bottom line is, with little savings and education on investment, one can grow wealth and retire comfortably. As it is today, very few people save money towards investment. Majority survive on paycheck until they retire poor, broke, sick and busted.

This blog series spells out what you need to know in order to turn the game towards your favor. The rules aren’t difficult. Be part of the journey and discover ways to make, manage and make money work for you.

Titles in the series
1. How Wealthy People Think
2. The Truth About life Insurance
3. The Truth About Savings Plan
4. Wealth Creation Strategies
5. What You Need to Know About Wills and Stuff
6. What You Need to Know About Investment
7. What You Need to Know About Tax and Rental Houses
8. Why Should You Invest Monthly
9. What To Look For In An Investment
10. What to Look For In An Investment Advisor

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