One of the biggest differences between the very financially successful people and those that just get by with life is in their thinking. Successful people think success and so become successful. Failures are failures simply because they think fail.

Harv T. Eker in his book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind listed 6 differences between rich and poor which I share with you here to help your grasp the point. Honestly answer the questions that follow the 6 steps listed and you will see where you really stand when it comes to mastering your mindset to acquire the wealth you desire.

1. Rich people believe “I create my life”. Poor people believe “Life happens to me”

Does your life happens by chance or you create it yourself?

So many Papua New Guineans have been led to believe in and expect free handout from the government. Are you one of them? Are you the type of person that believes that because you voted your member into parliament, he or she will bring development to you? Or are you the type that waits for some luck to strike and you somehow get BIG money to start a business or investment? Are you still waiting for the right moment to come? Rich people don’t wait; they try, fail and get up again keep doing that until their reach their goals.

2. Rich people play the money game to win. Poor play the money game not to lose.

Do you work for money for survival (day to day living) or work to grow your wealth and live an abundant life?

The poor and middle class work, earn and spend before they save. Some don’t save at all. The rich on the other hand, earn, save, invest and then spend whatever that is left. You see, the rich have this ability to tame the money and make it work for them. Poor on the other hand, let money come and go as it pleases and so remain slave to money. Result is financially stressful

3. Rich people are committed to being rich. Poor are uncommitted to being rich

Are you committed or uncommitted to growing your wealth by investing in revenue generating assets?
Saving and investing money requires a lot of self-discipline and because the rich have that ability, they are able to continue to amass greater wealth. Rich people have unwavering commitment to success. They are committed to learning about success and they keep looking for ways to add value to their lives. They buy and read good books on business, finance, investment and other motivational materials. They attend business and investment seminars. They watch motivation videos from other successful people. They spend their spare time studying success and creating wealth while the poor waste time on everything everybody else does just so they please others.

4. Rich people think big. Poor people think small

How big is your dream? If no one laughs at your dream, than your dream is not big enough. The world we live in today is been shaped by people whose dreams were so big that everyone thought they were crazy. Today, we still laugh at those who dream big don’t we? Dreaming big is the trait of highly successful people. You have to dream big and stick to it until it manifests. Many average Papua New Guineans easily give up their dream because their relatives or colleagues say they can’t. The sad thing is those that tell you that you can’t haven’t actually tried what you dream to try. So why the heck should you listen to a person like that? You would be a serious fool if you did.

5. Rich people are bigger than their problems. Poor people are smaller than their problems.

Are you bigger than your problems? Do you face criticism with open mind or shrink in size or walk away from problems? Papua New Guineans are well known for criticizing but are also well known for not taking action by doing it themselves. Problems will arise when you try to exit your comfort zone and venture into business or try a new path in life. Your close friends at workplace, your family and everybody who don’t know your dreams will criticize you and you are bound to fail. Believe me its normal to fail. The most important thing is how you rise above your problems like an eagle. You may wish to read our article on How An Eagle Use The Current of Storm to Its Advantage.

6. Rich people focus on opportunity. Poor people focus on problems

Standing on the shoulders of giants, do you see problems of opportunities?

When a storm comes, lesser birds flee for cover. The eagles on the other hand, stretch their mighty wings and fly towards the storm. The same current of the storm that the lesser birds fear and flee for cover, lifts the eagle and it soars to greater heights. Every problem has a solution. Infect problems come to give us a check and balance on how well we are traveling on our path to success. Rich people know this and embrace problems, but seek opportunity in the problem. They focus on the opportunity that comes by as a result of the problem. Poor on the other hand moan and groan and blame everyone else they can think of. At the end of the day, poor loss and the rich win.

In-depth discussion on mindset and success may be found in our book Maximize Your Personal Confidence and Motivation – For Unlimited Success.