A unique feature of ExxonMobil (Exxon), the leader of the massive $19 billion Papua New Guinea Liquefied Natural Gas (PNGLNG) project, is the company’s commitment to preserving the cultural heritage in the project sites.

“Respect for Papua New Guinea’s rich culture underlies all Project activities, and we strive to ensure heritage is maintained and protected,” Exxon says in a statement

The company states that to ensure their goal of preserving cultural heritage, Exxon has established a document called Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) which it says is overseen by the project archeologists and in liaison with the PNG National Museum Art Gallery.

“We have undertaken detailed studies to identify culturally significant sites in project areas. These studies draw on the expertise of archeologists and involve extensive consultation with community groups to ensure the project is minimising cultural impacts and acting in accordance with relevant government regulations,” Exxon says.

A key component of CHMP according to Exxon is training.

“The LNG plant provides construction teams with cultural heritage awareness training in preparation for excavation works at the site. The onshore pipeline team also trains construction crews involved with the right way of cleaning and grading activities,” Exxon states.