Borneo Pacific Pharmaceuticals Limited (Borneo) today donated K20,000 to Port Moresby General Hospital (PGH) to assist the hospital further upgrade its information and data storage system.

“Port Moresby General Hospital has a long ongoing relationship with Borneo,” the CEO of PGH Grant Muddle says.

According to Muddle, PGH has been keeping manual records of clinical data which he intends to convert into live data that would be contained in an electronic database.

“The money donated by Borneo will be used for equipment like laptops, data cables and desktops,” Muddle says.

This is just a small portion of the ongoing major upgrade on the hospital’s information systems which is believed to run into millions of kina.

A smooth transition from manual to electronic data base system demands high level technical expertise in design of the data base, maintaining the system and there are threats from cybercrimes.

Muddle admitted there was a lack of capacity in the Information Technology department in the hospital and said he is looking at using cloud sourcing online service where necessary.

Yet, again, another issue comes to mind and that is the issue of frequent power blackouts in Port Moresby. In response to PNG Loop’s question on how the hospital intends to protect its servers containing the patients’ clinical data that can be lost due to technical glitches, Muddle says;

“We will host the database abroad, possibly, using the cloud system and we will have back up power to protect the servers.”