After hype about the reserved list, the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) has released a list of cottage business activity list.

The cottage business list (CBL) replaces what was earlier known as Reserved Activity List.
A workshop on the subject was led by Minister for Commerce, Trade and Industry, Richard Maru last month.
The IPA’s information booklet, Infopack, carried the list. The cottage business list, according to regulations of the Investment Promotion Act 1992, contains a list of business activities which are restricted to citizens of Papua New Guinea or national enterprises.

According to IPA’s Infopack, the information may be reviewed from time to time.
“Activities restricted to citizen enterprises only make up the Cottage Business List” IPA says
The list as given by the Infopack is listed and briefly explained;
• Agriculture-Agribusiness producing annual sales of K50, 000
• Collecting, gathering wild growing materials
• Wildlife-PNG wildlife
• Fishing-
• Mining (Alluvial)
• Catering
• Whole sale and retain of wild forest materials
• Weaving
• Knitting
• Art and Craft
• Carving
• Pottery making
• Painting
• Screen printing
• Sewing
• Jewelry making
• Baking
• Coffee pulping
• Hunting of crocodile skins
• Operation of tire repair service

Very brief descriptions of the reserved list have been given here by PNG Loop. Detailed information can be obtained from IPA.