Following the report on The National on the fatal accident in Bulolo that left three dead and several injured, Morobe Mining Joint Venture (MMJV) denies disturbing the accident site to dodge police investigation.

Sources from the Emergency department at Angau General Hospital in Lae confirmed to PNG Loop today that a 8 tonne PMV truck carrying men, women and kids totalling 72 heads, returning from a Sunday school bible camp at Babuaf ran off the new Wafi access road last night.

Relatives of those involved in the accident are believed to have accused MMJV for disturbing the accident site which they believe was done to mislead the police investigations.

The accusations comes after the asset protection division of Wafi-Golpu mine and MMJV sent a bulldozer immediately after the accident, the action which the villagers’ alleged was to disturb the accident scene as reported by The National.

Alan McLay, the President of Lae Chamber of Commerce informed PNG Loop in an email that MMJV had denied their attempt to disturbing the accident site to dodge police investigation.

“I asked the Morobe Mining guys this morning” McLay says. “MMJV state that they just sent in a truck to help the wounded, and they did not send in any plant” McLay adds.

“They also said that the PMV was licensed to carry 32 passengers (I think that is what they said) and yet was carrying 72 passengers” McLay told PNG Loop.

Meanwhile, McLay told PNG Loop that the road is open to the general public, although the situation is still tense.

“There will be a meeting this morning in the Gabensis Village to decide on how to go about resolving the problems. Therefore our advice is that whilst the road is open, drivers must still remain cautious as there is a danger of a flare up of trouble until immediate issues are solved.

“We have just been advised that the people of Gabensis and Wampit came to a compromise this morning and the road is open for all vehicles to travel to and fro until further notice. The people have agreed to get together again on Friday for a further review. We will advise again only if necessary” McLay says.