A leading Papua New Guinea woman entrepreneur Sarah Todd is calling for the government to established a small to medium enterprise (SME) training institute to train aspiring entrepreneurs to succeed in their business ventures.

“We really must have a SME training institute. There are so many people doing it but there must be a blue print formulated.

“We are dealing with two types of people here Todd says. “A person who wants to start a business and one like me who already  owns a business and wants to go to the next level.

“From the nursery to the jungle. But there are no such avenues for us” Todd says.

Todd says the SMEs in PNG are faced with so many obstacles trying to expand their business and adds that it’s worse for the micro business.

“The person that comes out of the street, sees and opportunity and he wants to start, he should be able to go to this institute and enroll himself and we take him through the ropes of what is required. Compliance issues, marketing, and all that.

“They may have a product but lack a market place. Is their product marketable? Is their price going to be competitive? They need to know all this and how to become successful SMEs” Todd adds

Todd therefore says that having reserved listing for certain business in PNG is the way forward for the people of this country.