The attempt by PNG’s Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s legal team to get a stay order to prevent his arrest has been denied by National Court today.

In a packed National Court room at Waigani the case filed by PM Lawyers seeking an urgent orders preventing his arrest was adjourned before it even started.

Council representing the PM Tiffany Nonggor sought an adjournment after short service (late service) of Sam Koim’s affidavit by the State’s (Govt) Lawyer. She asked to first study the affidavit before making her submission.

The judge accepted her request for adjournment and ordered parties return tomorrow 9:30am.

They will argue their case before the judge will make a decision whether or not to grant a stay order preventing Police arresting the PM. While the matter is before the Court the Police will not pursue the arrest of the PM pending the tomorrow’s ruling.

Other reports Polye on a flight back from Brisbane today and will make himself available to be interviewed over the Parakagate issue.

Assistant Commissioners of Police raise objection to Geoffrey Vaki’s appointment as acting Commissioner of Police regarding his absence from the force since 2009 and previous alleged disciplinary charges against him.

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