A private consultant, Robert Atsir from RAFM Consultant argues that there is an obvious weakness in the top-down sporadic approach to cocoa industry development in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

“There are obvious weakness in what appears to be a top-down sporadic approach, where not all cocoa growers are involved in the preventative measures being implemented” Atsir says

Mr Atsir was referring to the cocoa pod borer attack that is crippling the cocoa production in PNG.

“A more systematic model needs to be adopted, where all cocoa growers can participate nationwide” Atsir says

He further adds that the revised model must be underscored by three complementary thematic areas namely;

  • Lad user rights (social)
  • Group economics activities and a,
  • Sun-set legislation to compel participation by cocoa growers.

“All relevant government of PNG agencies right down to local level governments including community identified resource persons will have a part to play” Atsir says