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Oil Search Limited (OSH) today announced that the company has revised its dividend reinvestment plan (DRP) to comply with amendments to the Australian Securities Exchange Listing Rules which came into effect on 14 April 2014.

The DRP enables shareholders in OSH to reinvest all or part of any eligible dividend paid on their shares in additional OSH shares than receiving that dividend in cash.

In a statement, OSH states;

“All shareholders with registered addresses in Australia, Papua New Guinea, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and any other country designated from time to time by the Board are eligible to participate in the DRP.

“Shareholders with registered addresses outside Australia, Papua New Guinea, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Hong Kong or Singapore are currently excluded from participating in the DRP given the relatively onerous requirements that would be placed on Oil Search by the relevant foreign jurisdictions if the DRP was to be offered in those jurisdictions.