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Do you ever wonder why rich people are getting richer and poor poorer?

It’s happening every day in the streets of Papua New Guinea. We hear of politicians sucking in huge amounts of money into their accounts. Of course doing it illegally. Then of course we hear about hardworking smart and committed entrepreneurs finally making their financial breaks. We also hear about poverty and starvation in every part of the country.

The trend isn’t new nor does it require degree to comprehend. It’s the rich getting rich and poor poorer. We hear about it. We see it. We live it. But we take less notice of it as if it never affects us.

Not so many people ask the question why rich getting rich and poor are getting poorer. I was one of them until I met my millionaire mentor who changed my life. Once I started asking the question why are rich getting rich every day and poor poorer, a hunger for knowledge swept me off my feet. I wanted to know everything it took to understand the rich and the poor.

Over the years, I have been rewarded with invaluable insights and wonderful financial rewards and better career opportunities. With the knowledge, I set out to better my craft and worry less about how to change the world as most of you do. Does this sound selfish? No. The truth is you can’t change the world. You can only change yourself for better and the world will be better if you better yourself and contribute to better the world.

Wealthy people have a way of thinking that is different from poor and middle class people. They think differently about money, wealth, themselves, other people, and life

Author and self-made millionaire Grant Cardone said this about wealthy people;

The only difference between those who are wealthy and those who are poor and broke is in their thinking”

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