Successful people understand that the outside world closely mirrors what goes on inside one’s mind.

In other words, your thoughts create your reality. Successful people recognize the power of their thoughts in terms of achieving their goals and creating the life they desire.

If you want to know the type of stuff that goes on inside someone’s head, just look at their life. Likewise, if you wonder why your life is the way it is (good or bad) then consider the kinds of thoughts that you think on a regular basis.

Most people rarely achieve more than what their self-belief systems will allow. In other words, they will rarely exceed what they believe is possible for themselves. For example, if they believe they can never be more than an average wage earner, then they will unlikely ever make more than an average income.

Or, along those same lines, if they believe they are not good enough to marry the type of person they truly desire to be with, they will either end up settling (often miserably) with someone else, or they will remain alone. Essentially, their life becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of their belief system. Their outside world clearly reflects the very thoughts they continuously entertain.

This concept applies to what they believe about the world as well. For example, if you believe that life is unfair and only really “lucky” people (for example, those who are born into wealth or win the lottery) can become millionaires, then you will probably never put the effort towards becoming a millionaire yourself. In fact, it’s difficult to be motivated at all if you believe good things mostly or only happen because of luck.

Fortunately, though, what you believe about yourself can be reprogrammed. However, in order to do so you must actively work to ‘weed out’ all those negative beliefs. Once you are aware of your negative beliefs then you can begin to actively replace them with positive ones.

Without self-awareness, it is impossible to make the necessary changes that will allow you to succeed in achieving your goals.

Successful people keenly understand that, because their outer world does and will always mirror what goes on in their mind, they create their lives and shape their own destiny with their thoughts. They also understand that to do this they often must venture outside of their comfort zone a bit.

Most people, however, don’t understand this – they have many goals and dreams that definitely achievable if they take action. But unfortunately, the action they need to take may be just outside of their comfort zone. Unlike the few who achieve incredible wealth, the majority simply are not willing to do very many things that are unfamiliar and uncomfortable.

By nature, we as human beings tend to prefer to stay in our comfort zone – even if the consequences of doing so are not in our best interest. But when you dare to stretch yourself and endure some discomfort, the rewards can be incredible!

I’ll give you a good example of this: Most people can learn to play the guitar or piano, or learn a foreign language. But doing so is just outside their comfort zone because it takes time and effort. Learning these skills requires a lot of practice – usually at least an hour or so several days a week for months and months – and often a few years – in order to master that goal.

So, even though most goals are truly achievable for most people, the fact that the path to getting there is just outside the average person’s comfort zone keeps many people from even trying. .

But successful people very keenly understand that they are responsible for creating their lives and shaping their own destinies. They fully understand that doing so requires doing those very tasks that most people refuse to do – tasks outside their comfort zone. They do it, though, because the reward outweighs the discomfort along the way – and they’re serious about achieving their goals. The irony is that it’s often not drastically far outside of their comfort zone – rather, it’s just enough to cause most people to hesitate or not try at all.

As long as you choose to stay in your comfort zone, you are not going to accomplish very much in your life.

Cognitive dissonance

Now, there’s a psychological concept that explains why the world around you – your external reality – closely mirrors what goes on inside your head. It’s called “cognitive dissonance” and it occurs when the world outside is out of alignment with your thoughts and beliefs.

Cognitive dissonance means there is internal conflict – and your brain prefers harmony. So your mind quickly begins working (often subconsciously) to determine ways to get rid of the conflict. Your brain will find a way to make your outside world accurately mirror your thoughts and beliefs.

This is one of the reasons why your thoughts (and choosing positive, empowering ones) are so very important!!

So, if you believe you are capable of a lot more than what is actually happening in your life – if you firmly believe that and you adopt this and the other mindset traits that I’m about to reveal to you, then your mind will work towards your goals rather than against them – because again, it wants to resolve any cognitive dissonance.

To put it more simply –

If you want to change your world (and become succesful), you have to start by changing your thoughts.

Since your outer world will always end up reflecting your thoughts – you must choose positive, self-empowering thoughts that fit with and support your goals!

Now a lot of people believe that this is the Law of Attraction at work – that the universe is doing it for you. This may very well be the case, although I’m somewhat more inclined to think that it is largely due to the fact that by focusing on your goals and all the things you desire, and by reprogramming your mind so that you have a millionaire mindset, you will end up – both on conscious and subconscious levels – working your way towards achieving those goals. Because your brain wants the cognitive dissonance to go away!

Either way, believing in yourself and your ability to achieve the life of your dreams is a very important mindset trait for you to acquire if you are truly serious about becoming a millionaire someday. In fact, that belief will make an enormous difference in your life, so the sooner you adopt it the better!

Whenever you find yourself saying anything inside your head that is negative and not helping you towards your goals, stop those thoughts. It’s not easy to consciously monitor your thoughts all day long in order to make yourself think more positive, empowering thoughts – after all, that takes a lot of effort. It’s much easier to just continue to allow a runaway stream of negative thoughts to go on in your head. But that has serious consequences for your life.

It’s kind of like the parents who allow their children to run around screaming, throwing tantrums, and doing whatever they want regardless of the consequences. In the end, not only do the parents suffer but the children do as well. I’m sure you’ve been around families like that (or have one of your own) and most likely it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

However, by providing proper supervision (and close monitoring) and discipline, and by setting appropriate limits, those children will more likely grow up to be respectable, responsible adults. Just like being a good parent, it’s really important to consciously monitor your thoughts and stop the negative ones. Use positive affirmations to begin to take control over what’s going on in your mind.

It is extremely important and helpful to begin consciously changing your thoughts, especially if you’re not actively thinking on a regular basis the types of thoughts that will help you to believe in yourself and develop the confidence to start moving towards your goals.

Begin to take action on changing your thoughts today. Understand that you can reprogram your inner belief system, no matter how “out of control” it may be right now. If you can get your inner belief system to accept that you’re truly going to achieve your goals, and you start adopting all the traits that you’re learning right now from reading this post, you’ll be a lot more likely to get there. In fact, you will get there.

Okay – that was a bit lengthy but your thoughts are so very important that I really wanted to make sure I got the point across

Exercise: Make a list of at least 5 of your negative thoughts or beliefs and continue adding to it as you think of new ones.

1) __________________________________

2) __________________________________

3) __________________________________

4) __________________________________

5) __________________________________

Now, write down a new positive thought or belief to replace each one. Make sure these are stated in a positive way rather than negative (e.g., “I make money easily” rather than “It’s never hard for me to make money”. (You may want to choose a couple of these to use as your daily affirmations.)

1) __________________________________

2) __________________________________

3) __________________________________

4) __________________________________

5) __________________________________