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To clear any air of doubt on the investment club we formed, I share with you what investment clubs are and how it started. I believe the brief history will amaze you just as it did me.

Investment as we know it today really took off in America around 18 years ago when a group of ordinary women decided they wanted to learn about investing. They called their group the Beardstown Ladies Club after their home town in Illinois. With no prior knowledge of the stock market they set about learning how to invest, and decided each member would contribute $25 a month to their investment fund.

Over 10 years, their investment portfolio averaged a return of 23%, better that twice the performance of the Standard and Poors 500 Index (A measure of 500 of America’s top companies’ share price) over the same period.

Today in all over the world investment clubs are growing at a steady rate as people learn the benefits of being part of this wonderful movement.

What is more exciting is that The World Federation of Investment Clubs (TWFIC), formed in early 1960s, holds conferences every two years, where members from all over the world meet and exchange investment information.

The Beardstown Ladies started with a simple philosophy: they wanted to LEARN, they wanted to have FUN, and of course they wanted to make some MONEY.

They succeeded in all counts.

Here in PNG, GrowWealth Investment club is the first of its kind to be started by a group of young investors.

Their aim is to Learn, Have Fun and Make Money.